"I am very pleased with performance of the Hydro-Lyte system that has been in operation at my house since 1978. I was convinced of the value of the system when in 1985 my kitchen and bathrooms were remodeled in this 1950s house. The pipes were removed and surprisingly they were absolutely clean inside - there were no scale deposits. I had no hesitation in deciding to update to a newer Hydro-Lyte model in 1994."

–  Louis E. Mecham

"We have had the Hydro-Lyte water treatment system in our house for twenty years. I would recommend it to anyone that has hard water problems. It is very dependable and cost-efficient. There is almost no maintenance and it has greatly reduced our lime and scale problem."

-  Joseph Thomas

"We have used the Hydro-Lyte system since 1980. It has proven to be effective and requires minimal maintenance. It also eliminates the salt that other systems require. Without hesitation or reservation, we recommend the Hydro-Lyte system."

  - Roy Wratislaw, CPA

"Eight years ago I was introduced to this product and have since had water of unsurpassed quality. Prior to the installation of the Hyrdro-Lyte unit I had to replace my instant hot water heater every 18 months due to calcium build-up. In addition, my swimming pool had to be resurfaced twice because of the high amount of calcium in the water - resulting in corrosion of the pool. The system was installed in 1996 and since that time I have used the same instant hot water heater and my pool has caused no further problems. The calcium levels dropped from 1,000 parts per million to 300, which is ideal. I would not be without this system and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone experiencing water problems or water that does not have a refreshing taste."               

  - Martha Klajnowski