Hydro-Lyte is an electronic hard water processor that treats your water without the use of chemicals or salt. Through electolytic action it prevents the formation of scale in pipes and, in time, removes existing scale deposits. It uses reliable, time-proven electronics, marine brass and stainless steel for years and years of trouble-free service. In tests performed by a nationally recognized laboratory it was proven that Hydro-Lyte removes 99.7% of calcium-carbonate and calcium sulfate's ability to form scale.


Hydro-Lyte gets results

Hydro-Lyte was designed to prevent scale while leaving the healthy trace minerals in your water. We discovered additional benefits...softer hair and skin...softer clothes and a 50% reduction in soap user. You will see less scale build-up in showers and toilets. Ice machines no longer clog. Water heaters last longer (some of our clients have had the same water heater for 19 years). 


Summary of Lab Tests

Conducted by a nationally recognized independent laboratory, the test of the Hydro-Lyte system was designed to:

1. Determine its effectiveness in removing a heavy mineral incrustration (scale) and ...

2. Determine what effect its use would have in preventing incrustration (scale) from a calcium-carbonate water.

The results of the test are summarized as follows:

A heavy incrustration of a calcium-carbonate sulfate was removed in the amount of 99.7% in a controlled Hydro-Lyte system using San Antonio, Texas water.

The incrustration test procedures and equipment employed are those developed by John W. Ryzner as set forth in his article entitled "A New Index for Determining Amount of Calcium-Carbonate Scale formed by Water", published in Volume 36 of the Journal of the American Water Works Association.