About Us


Our Mission

We knew water softeners had draw backs and searched for a better way, keeping health issues, chemical use and the environment in mind. After spending years in research and development we have seen results that make it all worthwhile. We offer a hard water treatment alternative, with no salts or chemicals, that leaves healthy trace minerals in your water while being gentle to our environment.

The Company

Aquarius Water Treatment Company is a family-owned business located in San Antonio, Texas. We have manufactured the Hydro-Lyte since 1977. We purchased the company in 2002 after working with the product for ten years. We are here to help you find a better way to treat hard water.


Hydro-Lyte was invented by James Frame and Dr. William Osborn. Mr. Frame had been working in the field of alternative water conditioning and saw the shortcomings of other water treatment products. Dr. Osborn had a Ph.D. in nuclear physics and a MS in electro chemistry. The two made a good team. Mr. Frame had the vision of what he wanted to accomplish and Dr. Osborn designed the product. After several years of research and development they came up with the best unit of its type anywhere in the world.