In less time that it takes to unload bags of salt from your trunk and refill a water softener you can easily clean and maintain your Hydro-Lyte. Each unit is equipped with two reusable canisters so routine maintenance takes just a few minutes every two to four months. Just follow the easy steps below to keep your Hydro-Lyte operating at peak performance.

1. Disconnect the electrical plug.

2. Turn off the incoming and outgoing vales.

3. Open the relief valve to release the pressure between the two valves.

4. Place a small bucket under the unit.

5. Remove the spin ring with tool provided.

6. Remove the canister (pull straight down to prevent damage to the anode).

7. Replace with a clean canister and hand-tighten the spin ring.

8. Check to be sure the canister is seated squarely.

9. Turn on incoming water until unit is full and water flows out of the relief valve.

10. Shut the relief valve.

11. Turn on outgoing water - you're done!